February 2017 Volunteer Newsletter

February at FNSP
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February 2017
Spring volunteer signups opened last week! If you’d like to bring a group from your workplace, school, or religious organization to volunteer with us, there are still several openings in April, May, and June. But hurry–the calendar is filling fast!
Turkey chili with mixed green salad, roasted carrots, and white rice
Spring is coming!
With the winter holiday hubbub behind us, FNSP’s staff and board are looking forward to spring, and we’re planning some fun activities in the coming months. If you are not yet following us on Facebook, you should! We’ll be updating our page frequently with details about our Shop Smart Lord & Taylor partnership in March, our big fundraising dinner event in May, and a Gay Pride snack bar during the parade in June. Each event will give you, our volunteers, an opportunity to get more deeply involved with our program. Do you make a special rainbow-colored snack that you’d like to teach to a group? Would you like to experience dinner at FNSP from a guest perspective, but with beer, wine, and live music? Or maybe you need some linen pants for the new season–your purchase at Lord and Taylor could bring us funding and exposure. We look forward to bringing you more details about all of these events soon. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support!
Meal Sponsor Spotlight: Dr. Erica Moore, Cambridge Education Group, ONCAMPUS BOSTON
Cambridge Education Group is a global provider of education for international students. CEG has university transfer programs at five different universities and colleges around the United States. At ONCAMPUS Boston, in partnership with Wheelock College, we provide support to first-year international students from over thirty different countries. Students are fully matriculated at Wheelock College and we help them to excel academically, as well as to identify and apply to schools for transfer. ONCAMPUS works with Wheelock to help students transition from their previous educational backgrounds to the academic rigors and challenges faced by college students in the U.S. Our program’s curriculum includes “English for Academic Purposes”, which gives students the skills necessary to be successful researchers, writers, readers, and critical thinkers, as well as “University Success Class”, where students focus on their campus experiences, goal-setting, and transfer options, including Wheelock.
I had attended the Unitarian Universalist service on several occasions and learned of it while there.
Fortunately, we were able to volunteer on the same night that we sponsored the meal. Students were really excited to come down to the program and help with serving the meal, talking to attendees, and cleaning up. Afterwards, many students commented on how friendly and nice all of the attendees had been, and how they thought it was so unfair that some people had less than others. They also commented on how nice the other workers were. When we returned to campus, these student volunteers shared their experience with other students, who then also wanted to get involved. We formed a fund-raising committee to raise the money, and so far, they have collected $150 from professors and students at Wheelock. We will definitely continue this tradition of raising funds and donating and volunteering at the Friday Night Supper Program. For our students-all of whom come from a wide range of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and who have just arrived to the US and to Boston-this experience has been invaluable.
Sponsoring a meal is a great way to show appreciation for organizations like the Friday Night Supper Program. It is easy to forget how tirelessly non-profits work to raise funds and to continue provision of services. If you have a group of individuals with whom you work or teach, setting up a fund-raising committee to raise $300 is a learning experience in itself, and I’m sure you’ll find many people willing to donate $5 or $10 towards this cause. It’s especially excellent to sponsor a meal and then go down to the church and volunteer, so you can witness how appreciative and happy the attendees and staff and volunteers are at having this opportunity to provide a hot meal each week.

Nascent Chili on a Friday afternoon

Thanks so much for your donations!
We received many individual donations last month, through PayPal and personal checks. These contributions comprise a significant part of our budget. Without them, we could not do what we do for Boston’s hungry. Thank you!
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