Guest Newsletter

Friday Night Supper Program

351 Boylston Street

Boston, MA 02116

October 6

Sweet Potato Stew


Cinnamon Crumble


October 13

Tomato Lentil Soup

Pork Fried Rice

Banana Cake


October 20

Split Pea Soup

Shepherd’s Pie

Pumpkin Cake


October 27

Vegetable Minestrone


Ben & Jerry’s ice cream


*This menu is subject to change based on supply


       October Clothing Closet


October 13th TOPS (T-shirt, polos, button shirt, sweater, hoodie, jacket) and toiletries


October 27th BOTTOMS (pants, jeans, shorts, shoes) and underwear OR socks (one pair)


Please only request one item. This schedule is subject to change, based on supply and need.